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Round Tiki Hut Roof Kits

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Tiki Hut Roof Structures include the simulated bamboo aluminum frame, the thatch, screws to attach the thatch to the frame, the hardware to assemble the frame and attach the frame to the uprights. Simulated Bamboo Aluminum Posts (4" OD x 8') are Sold Separately or can be included when your order the complete Tiki Hut Roof Kit.

Round Tiki Hut Kits come in the following sizes:
8' ft round (6' frame with a 1' overhang)
10' ft round (8' frame with a 1' overhang)
12' ft round (10' frame with a 1' overhang)

Custom Size Orders are also accepted; please contact us for a quote
Roof Kit Only Complete Roof Kit with 1 Simulated Bamboo Pole

Round Tiki Hut

Fauxboo Bamboo Frame

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Round Tiki Hut