Synthetic Dura-Thatch for Tiki Huts and Bars




We at Tiki Hut Village would like to introduce to you our new, high quality Tiki Huts, Bars, and Synthetic Thatching. Our goal is to bring the ambience of the islands to lanais, patios, parks, hotels, as well as outdoor dining facilities and any other locale where people gather to relax and enjoy the essence of the tropical life. All the thatch materials are produced using a hi-tech polymer plastic which looks, sounds, and feels like realistic thatch leaves without all the mess and maintenance. It is UV rated and has a 20 year warranty that it will not shred, crack, or change texture or color. It can also be coated with a fire retardant for commercial applications. Our thatching material can also be adapted for roofing of hotels, villas, rotundas, beach shelters, pool houses, gazebos, and umbrellas.


Synthetic Dura Thatch - Bora Bora and Domingo Styles



Fauxboo Tiki Huts - Round, Square, and Rectangle


 Tiki Huts










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