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Domingo Artificial Thatch

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Item Number: THDOM - Domingo Synthetic Thatch

Custom Built Tiki Bar with Dura Thatch

Domingo is the ideal thatch for covering old paneling, roof sheeting, or plywood surfaced roof structures.

Now there is an alternative to natural thatch. You can choose to break the re-thatch every five years cycle. Our Dura-Thatch product has the look and feel of natural thatch while the space-age polymers from which it is manufactured make it almost indestructible. Our synthetic thatch is warranted for 20 years against fading, loss of texture and waterproofing. The material can be nailed or screwed to wooden frames, such as a native hut. It can also be applied over wood sheathing, corrugated metal, finished siding or asphalt shingles. Anyplace you wish to combine the look of a natural thatch structure with the confidence of a long term guarantee, you can apply our authentic yet durable plastic thatch.

To calculate square feet (surface area) of your project: Length x Width x Roof Pitch.
Always add approximately 10% for over laps, cuts, etc. Thatch is sold by the Bundle (Domingo covers approximately 97 sq. ft.; Bora Bora covers approximately 86 sq. ft.), Half Bundle and Quarter Bundle; you may also purchase by the piece; this is an excellent way to determine if this thatch is right for you.

Dimensions: Each leaf is Manufactured from a hi-grade Polyethylene and is 38"w x 25 - 26"l Shades very slightly for a natural look.

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Synthetic Thatch

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